E-ONE (European Outdoor Network Experience) is a European project developed within the principles of the Programme ERASMUS + - Call for proposal “Collaborative Partnership in the Sport field” (G.A. 2014–3140/020-001). It was conceived after the examination of problems of obesity and sedentary life style linked to cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic illnesses. These upsets, nowadays common also among young people all over Europe, are really alarming and a prompt intervention is required.

From this observation, E-ONE project was developed with the main aim to spread the practice of outdoor sports and non-organised sport activities in open-air spaces as well as the concept of “Sport for All”. The project originates from the desire to exchange information and good practice and to compare the models/standards of good practice regarding knowledge and promotion of outdoor activities among European subjects and entities at various levels. The aim is to identify common strategies to safeguard, promote and develop the practice of outdoor sport. Such actions are addressed in particular to young people (students, volunteers, athletes, etc.) in order to ensure the transmission of such important cultural and social heritage to young generations. Communication and dissemination activities play a strategic role within the E-ONE project. The use of the new information and communication technologies and of media tools of common use among young people are key instruments for the implementation of the project.

Crucial step of the project will be theE-ONE Days”, a European event hosted in Terni (Umbria region, central Italy) in the picturesque setting of Marmore Waterfalls. During this Festival many stakeholders of outdoor sport field will be invited by E-ONE Partners to participate and spend some days in the district of Terni. They will have the chance to discover this area and to practice the outdoor sport activities it can offer. At the same time they will have the opportunity to present their own territories and experiences connected with the practise of outdoor sports. The event will be open to all European citizens.

The main phases of the project are the following:

Multi-functional website due within September 2015. The website of the project www.eoneproject.eu has been conceived as an instrument both for the internal communication among the partners and for the external communication to promote and disseminate all the information and principles regarding the project and the European Programme “ERASMUS + - Sport”.

Creation of the National Information Points due within September 2015. The National Information Points (N.I.P.) are local info-points to promote and disseminate the network and the project at local level - Each partner is responsible for creating and running a N.I.P. to provide all the material and info regarding the project and the net.

Implementation of the main event called "E-ONE Days September 11th / 13th 2015. This Festival of outdoor Sports and Activities is the main event within the project and will be held at the marvellous site of Marmore Waterfalls in Terni (Umbria region, central Italy). This charming natural heritage, the highest waterfall in Europe, will be the enchanting setting for this event during which many territories, natural areas, projects for urban districts and outdoor activities will be presented by the partners of the network.

• “E-ONE Challenge” This is a contest addressed to young European citizens. Participants must plan a project to reassess urban and extra-urban areas dedicated to practice of non-organised outdoor activities/sports. By June 2015 partners will start working on the contest rules. Once same are approved, the contest will be disseminated in order to involve young people all over Europe (for info about time and details of participation, please check the website www.eoneproject.eu).

Implementation of a survey among European citizens to determine the level of dissemination of the practice of outdoor physical activity. The survey will be carried out by the staff of the UCAM - Universidad Cátolica San Antonio de Murcia in cooperation with all the partners of the project.

Signature of the Program Agreement for the official creation of the E-ONE Network Due within June 2016.
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